[Request] How to make “crumbly” fudge? A missing recipe from my childhood.

There was this fudge my great grandma used to make, she gave it to everyone every Christmas. She died when i was younger, like 7 or so. When I turned like 14, my uncle chose me out of all the kids and started inviting me over to learn how to make it, as he had learned from my great grandma when he was young. He didn't let me write down the recipe though, and I could never remember all of it the right way, and I feel like I failed at being able to continue this tradition and let everyone down because I couldn't just remember it like I was supposed to. It's a few years later now and my family is torn apart and none of us talk and this time of year just really makes me miss the fudge and what it reminds me of.

I remember realizing that it was basically the recipe on the back of the Jet Puffed marshmallow stuff, and my uncle told me that the huge difference was in how it was cooked, that they used a candy thermometer to get it to that crumbly-but-creamy perfect texture.

I've never had any other fudge like it, it's all been too chewy and just wrong and I really want to make it this year but I don't know enough about cooking science go figure out what temps I'm supposed to look for on the candy thermometer at what points, and what to do after I get to those points.

I remember there was evaporated milk in it, the marshmallow stuff, vanilla extract, lots of sugar, maybe another thing or two. Not many ingredients. But I remember it being crucial that we watched the candy thermometer and did stuff at certain temperatures.

Anyone have any ideas? And if not, maybe any ideas on a sub I could cross-post to where they might know?