Taste Tandoori Meatballs – A royal dish from South Asian Cuisine which can make anyone say WOW!

This tasty tandoori meatball is famous in South Asia. This recipe belongs to Pakistan and India. This is eaten with a wide variety of sauces.

Ingredients for Meatball Recipe

*½ kg goat mince

*200g grated cheese

*3 potatoes, boiled, peeled and grated

*½ tablespoon almond flour or half tablespoon of milk powder

*½ tsp pepper powder

*½ tsp ground spices powder

*Some coriander leaves (Finely chopped)

*2 tbsp cornflour

*6 to 7 chopped almonds

*6 to 7 raisins

*6 to 7 chopped cashews

*6 to 7 seeds pistachios (chopped)

*Red chili powder to taste

*Rock Salt to taste

*Cooking oil for frying

Directions to make Tandoori Meatball:

*1. In a large bowl, add mince, cheese, potato, pepper powder, ground spice powder, red chili powder, coriander leaves, almond flour or milk powder, corn flour and salt and mix well.

*2. Take a little piece of the mixture and give a rounded ball shape with the help of your hands.

*3. Put dry fruit ingredients in a flat plate and roll the mince balls on it until covered with dry fruits. Similarly, prepare the balls of the mixture.

*4. Heat the pan and put your cooking oil in it. Now add the balls 3 to 4 at a time and fry until brown on all sides.

*5. Prepare all meatballs and serve with green sauce or yogurt.