I want to cook a dish from each country around the world! What are your favourite recipes?

I love cooking and I know a lot of you are chefs or really good home cooks so thought you might be able to help!

I'd like to cook a dish from every country around the world, one dish a week. We try to eat pretty healthy but this is going to be our "free" meal every week so fat and sugars don't matter and desserts could be added.

I'm from Australia so specialty meats aren't too easily available but I can order most things from my local butcher and the local "world foods" store with enough notice.

I have a slow cooker, fryer, wok, rice cooker, pasta machine and general kitchen utensils and appliances, but I don't mind investing in extra equipment if it'll be worth it.

I am allergic to crustaceans and my partner doesn't like REALLY hot food but can handle a bit of heat.

Recipe suggestions please!