[Request] Isaan-region Thai recipes for my wife’s birthday dinner

tl;dr Need recommendations for Isaan-based Thai dinner. Sticky rice is in, the rest is up for recommendation. Avoid cilantro and Pad Thai.

So, I missed Christmas and my wife's official birthday thanks to work. She understands and is cool with it, but times are a little tougher than I'd like. So, I have a late birthday dinner to make! She's lived in Thailand for a few years and loved their food.

She's specifically requested sticky rice, but has been a little vague about the rest of the meal. I'd like to make something that goes well with it. She specifically likes Isaan food, and massaman curries. I understand coconut based stuff isn't regularly eaten with sticky rice and that's pretty much the limit of my knowledge of Thai cuisine. We have a few staple spices, like fish sauce, lemongrass, lime leaves, ginger and galangal. I'm also a fair hand at cooking but this just isn't something I'm super familiar with. Cilantro and Pad Thai have never been her favourites.