【Japanese Recipe Video】Deep Fried Tomatoes with Soup Stock

Ingredients ・5 Tomatoes ・1 Green Onion ・Dried Bonito ・3 tablespoon of Shiro-Dashi ・2 tablespoon of Mirin(Japanese sweet rice wine) ・1 tablespoon of Soy Sauce ・1 tablespoon of Sugar ・*1 cup of Water ・Potato Starch ・vegetable oil

Recipe 1. Blanch Tomatoes in hot water. 2. Wipe the Tomatoes with a paper towel to remove skin and dredge them in potato starch 3. Make soup stock by mixing the following ingredients: Shiro-Dashi, Soy Sauce, Sugar, Water and heat it until the sugar dissolves In separate pan add enough oil to fry the tomatoes at 180 degrees. 4. Remove tomatoes and place in serving dish. 5. Put Dried Bonito and Green Onion on the fried Tomatoes. 6.Pour small amount soup stock to taste.