【Japanese Recipe Video】Komatuna and Fried Tofu in a mild broth

You can learn the recipe with the video from this link (http://www.samurairecipejp.org/2016/05/29/komatuna-and-fried-tofu-in-a-mild-broth/)

INGREDIENTS ・One bunch or package of komatuna ・One package or cake of fried tofu ・1 cup of Japanese soup stock (Ajinomoto-Hondashi) ・1 tablespoon of sugar ・1 tablespoon of soy sauce ・1 tablespoon of mirin(Japanese sweet rice wine)

RECIPE 1. Cut komatuna about 3~4cm and fried tofu into a reed shape. 2. Add *ingredients into a pan and then cook it over medium heat 3. After it boils, add komatuna and fried tofu into the pan and cook until the komatuna becomes wilted.