【Japanese Recipe Video】Standard Shoga-Yaki (Pork Cooked with Ginger)

If you want to learn the detail recipe, you should jump to the link (http://www.samurairecipejp.org/2016/06/09/standard-syoga-yaki-ginger-pork/) Ingredients for 4 people ・2/3 Pound of Pork Loin ・1/7 ounce of Grated Ginger ・1 teaspoon of Suger ・2 tablespoons of Soy Sauce ・2 tablespoons of Mirin (Japanese sweetrice wine)

Recipe 1. Make Syoga-Sauce (Mix *ingredients ) 2. Cook pork loin for 1 minutes untilcrispy brown. 3. Add Syoga-Sauce untilwater evaporates.