【Japanese Recipe Video】Omurice

Look at the video of the recipe from the link (http://www.samurairecipejp.org/2016/06/30/pork-bowl-grilled-pork-belly-with-tasty-sauce/)

Ingredients for 1 person <Sausage Rice> *6 Ounce of Steamed Rice *1/4 Onion *1/4 Bell Pepper *2 Sausages *A moderate amount of Ketchup *A pinch of Pepper and Salt

<Omelet> *2 1/2 tablespoons of Mayonnaise *3 Eggs *2 tablespoons of Milk

Recipe 1. Mince 1/4 Onion and Bell Pepper, and slice Sausage 2. Heat the oil in the pan and cook the Onion, Bell Pepper, and Sausage until broned 3. Add a pinch of Salt and Pepper into it 4. add bowl of Steamed Rice and Ketchup to sausage mixture. 5. cook it until mixed . (Sausage Rice is finished) 6. In a separate bowl mix 3 eggs, 2tbsp of Milk and 2 1/2 tablespoons Mayonnaise too the mixture 7. Cook it for 1 minute 8. Finally place the egg mixture on top of the Sausage rice, and then add Ketchup to taste.