【Japanese Recipe Video】Pork-Bowl (Buta-Don)

Look at the video of the recipe from the link (http://www.samurairecipejp.org/2016/06/30/pork-bowl-grilled-pork-belly-with-tasty-sauce/)

Ingredients (For 2 people) *1/2 Pound of Sliced Pork Belly *1 Onion *A little bit of Salt & Pepper *Rice *A little bit of Ichimi Spice(Japanese Red Spice)

<Sauce> *□5 tablespoon of Sugar *□4 tablespoon of Mirin(Japanese sweet rice wine) *□4 tablespoon of Soy Sauce

Recipe 1. Slice the Onion 2. Cook and mix the □Sauce with low heat until the sugar dissolves 3. Cook the Pork Belly until crispy brown 4. Add a little bit of Salt & Pepper to it 5. Use another pan and cook the sliced onion until it becomes wilted 6. Add cooked Pork Belly 7. Add the Sauce and cook for 5~10 minutes 8. Put it on the rice. (add Ichimi spice If you like)