Looking for low carb snack/recipe ideas for a picky eater

Trying to lose weight, thought cutting carbs could help. I'm picky as in no veggies minus salad, no fruits unless they are in a smoothie or on pancakes, no nuts, no seafood; mainly a protein, carb, dairy, and processed food eater (yes i realize this is bad, im working on it).

For 2 days, I have been eating just deli meats and string cheese with a purely protein dinner. Unfortunately this results in a daily caloric intake of less than 1200 since I can't snack since my snacks I eat are high in carbs (toast, cereal, bars, crackers, fruit snacks, etc.). I wanted to try this out for a month but I'm barely hitting 1100 calories per day and keeping my carbs to under 70g (which I know is high but still lower than my daily average; I can't even fathom doing Atkins 40). Any suggestion helps, thank you!!!