Beef mince variations for week day meals?

Hi guys!

I've hit a "cook's block" at the moment and I'm looking for inspiration for yummy quick & easy weeknight meals – specifically with beef mince (ground beef).

I have 2 men to feed who eat huge portions of meat,and often find myself with only a small supermarket pack that needs to be "stretched". I usually turn steak etc into a stew or something, but mince is harder.

My " go to" is either bolognaise or meatballs. I use bread slices soaked in milk and some grated veg to bulk it up and that's usually great, but I need other variations. It's such a versatile meat but I find that online recipes require ingredients I don't have, or larger portions of meat, or are really just a spin on the usual…burgers etc.

Does anyone have a cheap and fun variation?

I seem to be making the same few dishes over and over. I'm bored of them!