Request for vegetable recipe recommendations?


Tldr; I'd like some side dish vegetable ideas that are really flavorful! Prefer canned or frozen veggies, short prep time, allergic to nuts, have a solid range of spices to work with.

I force myself to eat vegetables and as soon as I figure out the combination of spices that make me enjoy a particular vegetable, it's not long before I burn myself out on it. I usually buy canned because I'm less likely to waste the product when it has a longer shelf life. I rarely go all out cooking for myself, but I do with my boyfriend because it becomes a shared experience. He, however, isn't likely to eat a vegetable unless it's coated in cheese, breading, or a tasty sauce.

I'd like to do more with vegetables! I prefer canned or frozen veggies when possible. I like green beans, broccoli, Brussel sprouts, carrots, eggplant, asparagus, taters, and peppers. I'm allergic to nuts if that matters. We have a pretty extensive spice rack, about twice the size of my mom and grandmother who both cook well.

I typically do Lima Beans with salt and cilantro, green beans with pepper and lemon juice, or carrots with cinnamon and mace. I made up a chili oil/olive oil/apple cider vinegar/crushed black peppercorn dressing I like on any wedge salad/romaine/bagged and chopped lettuce.

I'm down to crock pot or bake things as needed, but I do get frustrated with extensive prep work (e.g. Washing and cutting fresh veggies is enough of a burden…)