Cucumber Kimchi (couples well with hot sticky rice!)

Here is another beginner's recipe to make authentic-style Korean Cucumber Kimchi! We made this a few weeks in Seoul and it was so simple, it warranted a link share to Reddit 🙂 We made a quick YouTube Video for a visual walk-through.


• Cucumbers (3)
• Vinegar (3 tablespoon)
• Korean red chili flakes (2.5 tablespoon)
• Sugar (2.5 tablespoon)
• Soy Sauce (1 tablespoon)
• Minced Garlic (1 tablespoon)
• Sesame Seed (Garnish, optional)

  1. Wash all three cucumbers thoroughly. Skin each cucumber with a peeler (Note: Do not peel off all of the skin, rather make uneven peels – reference video)
  2. Chop cucumbers into half inch circles
  3. Pour salt onto the cucumbers and give them a good mix with your hands to coat thoroughly. Set aside for 30 minutes to let the water come out of the cucumbers.
  4. For the marinade: Mix vinegar, Korean red chili powder, sugar, soy sauce, and mince garlic thoroughly in a bowl. (Simple as that!)
  5. Dress the cucumbers with the marinade. (Get in there with you hands and mix thoroughly!)
  6. Garnish with some sesame seeds
Further comments

• Cucumber Kimchi is a type of side dish that couples well with a bowl of sticky rice (call it a Korean “tapas”)
• Dish taste best when served cold
• Cucumber will release water if leftovers are stored overnight; no worries, this makes the marinade taste even better
• Side-dish taste best when eaten with 3 days – will keep for up to a week