Beef Barley Soup

This is my favourite recipe. You can play around with what herbs and spices you put in the soup, and you can use leftover roast to make it.

It also makes a good pot pie filling if you make it thick enough.

Small outside round steak

2 900ml containers of beef broth


1 to 2 carrots, chopped

Bay leaf


1 cup frozen peas

2 to 3 small potatoes, chopped

3/4 cup pot barley

Slurry of flour and water

Saute the onion and brown the steak.

Add the broth and the rest of the ingredients except the flour and water,

cook on high until potatoes and barley are cooked.

Take out the steak and shred it, then add it back to the soup.

Add the slurry of flour and water and mix it well.