Simple & Delicious: 3 ingredient Swiss Steak!

I thought I'd share this absolutely delicious recipe with you all! Me and my Mother absolutely love this dish. Somewhat inexpensive, and surprisingly simple to make!


  • 1 Beef Chuck Steak
  • 1 Whole Yellow Onion
  • 2 Cans of Hunts Whole Tomatoes (28oz)
  • Salt and Pepper


  1. Thoroughly pepper the meat.
  2. Salt meat to preference.
  3. [OPTIONAL] Quickly sear the sides of the meat in a pan until it just turns brown.
  4. Add 1 can of tomatoes into your Crock Pot. Break the tomatoes into smaller pieces with your hands.
  5. Add the seasoned Beef Chuck to the Crock Pot and repeat step 4 with the other can of tomatoes on top of the meat.
  6. Slice the whole onion into rings. Separate the rings and place in Crock Pot. You can cut the rings in half if you desire (but they should break apart while cooking).


My Mother and I prep the meal at night before bed, then let it cook in the Crock Pot on the 10 hour setting all night and through the afternoon the next day. After the 10 hours is up, just reset the timer for the remaining cook time.

It is recommended to let the roast cook for as long as possible for the best results. Letting it cook overnight is still not enough. You may have a tough steak if cooked for less than 12 hours. The meat and onions should easily break apart upon mixing if cooked correctly. The fat should melt in your mouth as well, yum!


This meal is great on its own, though my Mother enjoys it with pasta. 20 mins before serving, add around 2 cups of your preferred pasta noodles to the Crock Pot and continue to let it cook. If you would like to use rice, cook it separately and serve over it.