4-Ingredient Seasoning Mix – Put it on everything!

I've been playing around with ratios to make a good savory seasoning mix, and I've finally found the sweet spot. I have this in a shaker in my kitchen next to my salt and pepper now. It goes well on a large variety of things.

  • 4 parts smoked paprika

  • 2 parts ground mustard

  • 1 part granulated garlic (1/2 if using garlic powder)

  • 1 part cayenne pepper

The smoked paprika is in the foreground for a smokey/sweet flavor, followed up by a savory base of ground mustard and garlic. Then a little cayenne pepper for just enough kick. Since it's majority paprika, which is somewhat mild compared to other spices, you can liberally add it directly to what you're eating without worrying too much about overdoing it (unlike straight up garlic powder, etc.). No salt either, so you don't have to worry about increasing the sodium of whatever you're eating. And the 4 ingredients keep the flavor relatively simple, so it won't conflict with too many other flavors.

It goes great on eggs, chili, french fries, grilled chicken / other meats, potatoes, in grilled cheese, mac and cheese, soups, burgers. I'm experimenting with making a sauce version of it for sandwiches, I'm thinking equal parts ketchup and mayo with some amount of the seasoning mix.


I don't have a title for it right now, so I'm just labeling it Food Improver in my kitchen.