Sweet potato mash with crispy shoestring sweet potato topping. 30min, <$4 for 3 people.

I'm not a sweet potato fan, potato is not supposed to be sweet. I am fully aware that using actual garlic cloves and ham/ham bones would be better for this recipe, but this dish turned out great despite my limited supplies. This is a down and dirty recipe. Feedback welcomed.


2 peeled med sweet potatoes to feed 3 people.



Butter 4 tbsp

Ham bullion 1 tbsp

Garlic bullion 1 tbsp

Enough veg oil to cover your fry pan 3 inches deep


Cut 1 potato into 1inch cubes and boil until tender (do this after you follow step two, below).

Use a veg peeler to peel thin ribbons off the other potato, approx 2/3 cups. Julienne the peels (cut them into thin, long shreds). Cube the rest of this potato for boiling.

Fry the potato shreds for approx 10 seconds. You want them to stay orange. Test a few out to see how long it takes to get the right taste and texture. They can get super crispy without losing flavor.

Mash the boiled potato cubes with the butter, and salt / pepper to taste. Use 1/4 cup of the ham/garlic broth in the mash. Add the broth slowly so you don't accidentally make soup.

Plate your savory sweet potato mash with the fried sweet potato shreds sprinkled on top. If you mix them in they will get mushy.

It took me about 30min to make this, start to finish. Cost of ingredients is just under $4 US. Please tell me about your experience if you try this recipe.

Thanks for reading!