[Question] Need help planning X-course dinner for this weekend

Hello all, my SO and I have a really full schedule and we rarely meet during the week and since today is Valentine's day and we can't spend it together I figured I should postpone the day until the weekend.

I want to cook her a nice and romantic dinner with wine pairing and maybe plan something easier for breakfast too. I'm really good with cooking and can plan and cook some things in advance but I've never tried making something with multiple courses (other than the usual salad-main plate-dessert).

So, I need help in constructing a (maybe) 5-course dinner (or maybe 4? or more than 5?) and maybe a simple breakfast that I can prepare the day before and serve it to bed the next day. I don't really have the experience of choosing that many courses that would fit together and flow nicely one after the other. So any suggestions are really welcome! I was thinking of maybe including a cheeseboard somewhere. Is that a good idea?

Also I'm lucky to have an extensive selection of wines in my house (mostly Greek wines but of various kinds) thanks to my parents, but I don't have enough knowledge to pair them with food unfortunately so any advice on wine pairing would be welcome too! (I'm more of a beer and whisky kind of guy, I drink wine too I just don't have much knowledge about it.)