【Japanese Recipe Video】Abura-Soba (Oil Ramen Noodle)

You can watch the video of this recipe from the URL (http://www.samurairecipejp.org/2017/02/22/abura-soba-oil-ramen-noodle/)

Ingredients (For 1 people) ・1 serving Noodle ・3.5 ounce of thinly sliced pork belly ・a little of garlic paste ・Green Onion ・1 egg

<Sauce> ・★1.5 Tablespoons of soy sauce ・★1.5 Tablespoons of sesame oil ・★1 Teaspoon of Ajinomoto-Hondashi(Japanese soup stock) ・★1 Teaspoon of sugar ・★1 Teaspoon of oyster sauce

Recipe 1. Put ★ ingredients in a noodle plate and mix them 2. Cut green onion 3. Cook thinly sliced pork belly with garlic paste in a pan 4. Boiled noodles for a couple of minutes 5. Put noodles into the noodle plate 6. Put cooked pork belly and green onion on that 7. Put a egg yolk on the top